About E & E

Erin Rose Hennessy is a Minnesotan at heart, born in Duluth and raised in St. Paul with her two sisters. Writing and reading were two of her passions since she was very young and she could often be found in her family’s backyard hammock with a book or her notebook. She attended St. Catherine University, then known as the College of St. Catherine, and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a Writing Concentration. She is a teacher at an early childhood center, has a toddler nephew she is absolutely crazy about, and uses her experiences with children of all ages as fuel for her writing.

Emily Eileen Moreshead was born in and currently resides in Boston, MA. She was educated at Suffolk University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts in 2003. A childhood storyteller and voracious reader as a girl, she credits her love of writing and abundant imagination to growing up in a large family, surrounded by five sisters. (And all the drama that comes from that!) Emily has eleven nieces and nephews, from whom she gets many of her story and character personification ideas.

As well as being accomplished writers alone, they are also a very strong writing team. In 2006, following the demise of the one-season WB TV series, ‘Related’, both Erin and Emily served as one of four authors of Related: The Continuation, an online community that created a season two and season three of the defunct television series. Their penned episodes as well as others can still be found on its website, http://z14.invisionfree.com/Related/index.php?act=idx. After that project, they created the Riccoli Family in 2008. A family of six, including four daughters, who live, work, and go to school in Brooklyn, New York. Now, four years and dozens of novels later, the journey of the Riccolis is far from over.

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